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Icon Motorcycle Gear and Apparel


More Power Racing carries the full line of Icon Apparel and Accessories. We have an online catalog, free shipping, and we will beat any web price, PERIOD!

What they're all about - Straight from Icon

Icon motto: To most people it's just a road. A strip of asphalt, a way to get from here to there. To Icon, the streets of our country represent freedom. They are the facilitators of our gasoline powered lifestyle. They are both the divine inspiration and the glorious end-game. "From the streets - for the streets" is more than just a tag line - it is the embodiment of our soul.

Giving credit to the Icon Motorsports Blog, this is what has been recently said about the Icon Apparel and Gear Brand: For years they wished we'd go away. The bastards of motorcycling. The brand that isn't afraid to speak the truth and show the reality. Whether it's rashed up Gixxers or ladies with questionable morals, Icon has been undeniable. American hooligans infecting the bloodstream of the motorcycling illuminati. Fomenting our street based motocentric lifestyle. Instigating discontent within respectable motorcycling's status quo. And through all the industry disrespect we not only endure but thrive. We are the future - a street bred, gutter fed, unholy alliance of motorcyclings new breed. The true, the real, the Icon. Ride Among Us.

Looking to make a fashion statment while riding, yet still want to be safe, order an Icon Helmet, and Icon Jacket and some Icon Boots. Don't forget to compliment your style with some new Icon Gloves. And yes, Icon has specific pieces for women. Icon Womens Gloves, Icon Womens Helmets, the possibilities are endless. Going out for a night on the town, Icon Casual wear is bound to set you apart from the rest of the crowd including Icon jean, Icon belts, and even Icon socks. Whatever your riding style, try out some new Icon gear from More Power Racing today.