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Arai Helmets


More Power Racing now carries the full line of Arai Helmets. We offer an online catalog, free shipping, and we will beat any web price, period.

  • HANDMADE: Every Arai helmet is virtually 100% handmade. Each craftsman signs the helmet shell along the way. And every helmet is hand inspected at least three times during construction. Not every hundredth helmet, or every tenth one — every single helmet.
  • THE PURE PURSUIT OF QUALITY: The only helmet company we know of with a single quality standard for all its helmets. Every Arai built for every rider has the same singular devotion to quality, comfort, and fit.
  • UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: American riders have ranked Arai Helmets Number One in customer satisfaction in all seven J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Studies!
  • UNMATCHED REPUTATION: Arai is the choice of countless motorcycle champions and racers — including all four U.S. MotoGP riders. Arai auto-racing helmets dominate the F1 grid. There must be a reason.
  • BUILT FOR THE RIDE: An Arai doesn't just feel good for an hour or so. It's made to feel good all day — and to keep feeling good for years.
  • SAFETY STANDARDS: No one can predict the angle, severity, speed, obstacles or conditions of a crash. Arai's emphasis is on the broader potential, not the minimums required by some standards.

    If you’re planning to buy your new Arai online – maybe you live too far away from an authorized Arai store – be sure to shop only at an online dealer displaying this official Arai e-dealer logo. Why? These are the only dealers who’ve agreed to honor and practice Arai’s strict guidelines for selling our helmets online. Guidelines like providing access to our complete sizing and fit procedure in words and pictures. Like a free one-time return policy if your Arai is the wrong size, or wrong interior shape, even after going through the procedure with the e-salesperson. Like making sure your new Arai is fresh and new right out of the box, not one that’s maybe been sold, worn or damaged, and returned.

    These registered Arai e-dealers are the only ones pledged to make your Arai on-line buying experience the closest possible to the real thing of being personally measured and fit by an authorized Arai retail-store dealer.

    It’s another way Arai is doing everything we can to make sure you get everything you should to maximize your experience of owning and wearing an Arai Helmet, and feeling the unparalleled result of our 50-year obsession with building the absolute best helmets humanly possible, one at a time. This is why it took us months to develop the strict criteria to become an authorized Arai e-dealer!

    For these reasons, you may pay a little more for your Arai through a registered Arai e-dealer, but you get more service, more confidence and more satisfaction as a result. There will never be a shortage of those offering to sell to you cheaper, but ask yourself “Why is it cheaper”? Do they provide proper fitting advice? Do they charge for a return? Is their stock second-hand or unchecked returns?” Also, beware of buying from any source that does not allow any returns, or sell helmets that and contents that aren’t complete - including the helmet’s identifying Snell label. Remember, you really do “get what you pay for!”

    Bottom line: Arai is so serious about maximizing your satisfaction with your new Arai’s comfort, fit and service that Arai reserves the right to not honor the warranty of any Arai helmet sold by an unauthorized e-dealer, or by an individual sale through a general web e-commerce portal or auction site.

    “If you want a cheap helmet, buy a cheap helmet. You don’t get a Porsche® cheap …”