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Kuryakyn Clamps

Clean up the look of your bike with these two-piece chrome-plated die-cast clamps that keep cables and oil lines where they belong.

Dual throttle cables to a 1" diameter bar1590KUR $16.95
Dual throttle cables to a 1 1/4" diameter bar1591KUR $16.95
5/8" diameter oil line or a clutch cable to a 1-1/8" diameter bar1592KUR $16.95
5/8" diameter oil line or a clutch cable to a 1-1/4" diameter bar1593KUR $16.95
Clutch Cable Clamp (ea) For 1-3/8" diameter bar1594KUR $16.95

Crampbuster Cruise Assist

Kuryakyn Crampbuster Cruise Assist

The CrampBuster provides a way for comfortable throttle control, and dramatically reduces the wrist fatigue often caused by long rides. The CrampBuster will rotate forward all day long. Yet when downward pressure is applied by your hand, the throttle is regulated effortlessly and accurately — without squeezing.

RyKel’s Acrylic compound cruise control fits on the throttle grip. No tools are required for installation. Just spring it open, and slip it on. CrampBuster - the “original” and affordable motorcycle cruise control!

  • Note: Use 6258 and 6254 on grips with 1-7/16" to 1-3/4" outside diameter.
  • Use 6259 and 6257 on grips with 1-1/8" to 1-3/8" outside diameter.
  • Price
    Narrow Crampbuster 6258KUR $14.95
    For 1" Bars Using 1-7/16” to 1-3/4" O.D. grips
    Narrow Crampbuster 6259KUR $14.95
    For 7/8” Bars Using 1-1/8” to 1-3/8" O.D. grips
    Wide Crampbuster6254KUR $14.95
    For 1" Bars Using 1-7/16” to 1-3/4" O.D. Grips
    Wide Crampbuster6257KUR $14.95
    For 7/8” Bars Using 1-1/8” to 1-3/8" O.D. grips

    ISO™-Throttle Boss

    Kuryakyn ISO™-Throttle Boss

    Added to the popular Küryakyn ISO-Grips, this little jewel can make all the difference in the world on a long ride. The Throttle Boss is a small adjustable paddle that is positioned under the palm of one's hand. This allows the driver to slightly relax the grip on the gas and still maintain a constant speed. Muscle stiffness and fatigue are reduced after prolonged cruising at a steady pace. A new redisigned rubber pad permits use on both grips for a "matched set".

    Each6250KUR $19.95
    Pair6253KUR $29.95

    Pilot™ Grips Throttle Boss

    Kuryakyn Pilot™ Grips Throttle Boss

    Either by themselves, or used along with our line of Pilot™ Footpegs, these new Pilot™ Grips are a great addition to your scooter. Comfortable raised rubber pads provide a secure grip area, while the chrome body adds a subtle accent to highlight other accessories.

    For an added measure of comfort, a new specially designed Throttle Boss™ is also available.

  • Fits all H-D models with dual cable throttle controls.
  • Price
    Pilot Grips Throttle Boss (ea)6252KUR $19.95

    Throttle Rocker

    Kuryakyn Throttle Rocker

    The Throttle Rocker attaches to the grip with a velcro strap and allows you to maintain a steady cruising speed without keeping tight grip on the throttle. Fits any application with twist grip throttle.

    Right6255KUR $14.95
    Left6256KUR $14.95

    Thumbnail Turn Signal Button Extension

    Kuryakyn Thumbnail Turn Signal Button Extension

  • Makes turn signal actuation simple for riders with small hands – even while manipulating clutch or brake controls.
  • Available in chrome or black
  • Simple peel-and-stick installation
  • <

    Black (pr)6267KUR $16.95
    Fits All '96-'07 H-D models
    Chrome (pr)6267KUR $19.95

    Universal Throttle Boss™

    Kuryakyn Universal Throttle Boss™

    Regardless of what type of bike you ride, the Throttle Boss™ will make riding any distance more comfortable. Designed to fit any type or size grip, the Throttle Boss can be installed in seconds to provide a cushioned platform to rest one's palm on. This allows the driver to vary or maintain a speed without keeping a tight grip on the throttle, reducing muscle fatigue and discomfort. Removes quickly without tools to stow in a jacket pocket, tool bag, etc.

  • Fits any application with twist grip throttle.
  • Price
    Universal Throttle Boss6251KUR $14.95

    Widow Throttle Boss

    Kuryakyn Widow Throttle Boss

    WAY BAD! WAY COOL! Our spider themed hand grips are a radical departure from average. Designed with style and comfort in mind, with an integrated, adjustable throttle boss. These grips make a great addition to our Widow™ Pegs and Widow™ Shift Linkage.

  • Throtle Boss fits right grip only
  • Price
    Widow Throttle Boss Only (ea)6274KUR $25.95