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High Flow Fuel Injection Nozzles

For 2006-2007 Twin Cam High Flow Fuel Injection Nozzles

These split flow high volume nozzles divide the fuel flow around the valve stem and valve guide. When used in our 57mm throttle body the fuel is directed into the highest flow areas of the port and directly at both sides of the valve opening giving you the ultimate in fuel distribution. Drivability and horsepower are enhanced. They flow enough fuel for even the nastiest of street motors. Will also fit stock 2006 and later Harley and SE 50mm throttle bodies.

High Flow Nozzles (ea)468KUR $90.95

Wild Things 57mm Throttle Body & Manifold

For 2001-2005 Twin Cams Wild Things 57mm Throttle Body & Manifold

The stock throttle body and manifold restrict airflow, especially from modified engines with large displacement and/or high flow heads. With this 57mm straight-bore throttle body and high-flow manifold, you can increase HP big-time in Delphi fuel injected Harleys. All stock components are reused and will bolt onto the throttle body without any modification.

  • Softail models require fuel supply tube, P/N 441KUR, sold separately.
  • touring models require spacer kit, P/N 442KUR, sold separately.
  • Any model using a Kuryakyn Air Cleaner requires support bracket, P/N 8374KUR, sold separately.
  • Some larger than stock engines use taller cylinders than stock. P/N's 455KUR and 456KUR are designed for applications that require a wider intake manifold. The design allows for trimming for your particular application
  • Important: As with any performance product, tuning is essential to achieve max gains in HP and torque. Stock or aftermarket ECU re-mapping is REQUIRED!
  • Price
    Throttle Body and Maniold439KUR $509.95
    For 1.800" Intake Ports
    Throttle Body and Maniold440KUR $509.95
    Throttle Body and Wide Maniold456KUR $509.95
    For 1.800" Intake Ports
    Throttle Body and Wide Maniold455KUR $509.95

    Wild Things 57mm Throttle Body (ea)

    For 2006-2008 Twin Cams Wild Things 57mm Throttle Body (ea)

    Some say that a 57mm throttle body is too big for a 95” engine and will sacrifice torque. The dyno proves this is not true. A properly mapped 52mm or 57mm throttle body will provide identical performance in smaller displacement engines. If your stock throttle body is the limiting factor in your current build and you are planning to purchase a larger one, it only makes sense to buy a slightly larger throttle body. You’ll sacrifice nothing with your current build and when you decide to add those Wild Things Billet Heads, you won’t have to upgrade your throttle body again, too.

  • Fits: '06-'08 Twin Cam (ex. '08 Touring) with Delphi Fuel Injection
  • Price
    57MM Throttle Body469KUR $552.95

    Wild Things Throttle Bodies Required Accessories


    To ease installation of all Wild Things Throttle Bodies and Manifolds, we offer a re-shaped steel fuel supply tube for Softail models and spacer kit for Touring models (Dressers and Road Kings). These items are required when installing a Wild Things Throttle Body and Manifold.

    Steel Fuel Supply Tube441KUR $19.95
    For Softail
    Spacer Kit442KUR $32.95
    For Touring Model
    Air Cleaner Support Bracket8374KUR $35.95