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Brake Rod Cover for Sportster

Kuryakyn Brake Rod Cover for Sportster

Take your plain zinc plated brake rod to full chrome look with our precision fitted chrome cover. No tools needed to install this “snap-on” show-chromed cover that hides the ends and melds nicely with the rest of your sparkling engine. We’ve got your brake rod covered!

  • Fits: ’04-’06 XL1200C and XL883C (Also fits ’04-’07 Sportster models equipped with H-D accessory forward controls, H-D P/Ns 33395-04 or 33398-04)
  • Price
    Brake Rod Cover (ea)9042KUR $39.95

    Extended Brake Pedals for Footboard Equipped Models

    Kuryakyn Extended Brake Pedals for Footboard Equipped Models

    Kuryakyn offers Extended Brake Pedals in two styles, traditional and girder design. Both levers move the location of the brake pedal pad forward and down while flattening the angle of the pad. The result is that your foot is no longer “under” the brake pedal, which makes the movement needed to apply the rear brake feel much more natural. Both levers are polished and chrome-plated steel. They have a bronze bushing with a grease fitting for smooth operation and long life.

    Our Extended Brake Pedals are compatible with engine guard mounted cruise pegs and the Cruise Arm Mark III. However, adjustment of the Cruise Arm Mark III may be slightly reduced.

  • Fits: ’97-’07 FLT (Dressers and Road Kings) and ’87-’07 FLST Models.
  • Note: on ‘02-later models, our extended brake pedals provide only slightly more extension then stock, but the brake pedal pad is slightly lower and flatter, making the transition from board to brake more natural.
  • Price
    ISO-Brake Pedal Pad (ea)8027KUR $29.95
    Traditional Brake Pedal (ea)9061KUR $75.00
    Girder Brake Pedal (ea)1027KUR $80.95

    Extended Girder Shift Lever

    Kuryakyn Extended Girder Shift Lever

    Kuryakyn's new Extended Girder Shift Lever is the perfect complement to our Extended Girder Brake Pedal. With an 8" length, it is about 1-3/4" longer than a stock FLT or FLST shift lever. It works as both front or rear on footboard equipped Harleys. This chrome beauty will give you a lot of additional room on the footboard. You can slide your foot around without having to worry about bumping into your shift pegs. If you decide to remove your rear shift lever altogether, you’ll need to purchase one of our Heel Shift Eliminators, sold separately.

    Shift Lever (ea)1026KUR $71.95

    E-Z Brake

    Kuryakyn E-Z Brake

    Riders of Harley-Davidsons® equipped with floorboards have always had to struggle with the stock rear brake pedal. The stock pedal deprives you of foot space, which quickly gets uncomfortable. Having to swing your foot out from under the pedal in order to brake is awkward at best, unsafe at worst. E-Z Brake is an easy, custom fix to the problem. The E-Z Brake puts the brake pedal forward, in front of your foot. That gives you room to rest and move your foot, it makes braking easier and safer, and it gives your bike a great custom look.

    Newer FLST (ea)9039KUR $152.95
    Fits: All ’00-’07 FLST Models.
    Older FLST (ea)9040KUR $152.95
    Fits: All ’87-’99 FLST Models and All ’97-’06 FLT (Dressers and Road Kings)

    Girder Shift Lever

    Kuryakyn Girder Shift Lever

    As versatile as it is hot looking. Its unique shape places the shift peg in a comfortable, easy to reach location, and provides increased leverage for easier, more precise shifts. The styling blends well with other parts we offer — especially our mirror stems and stirrup arms. There is even a beauty cap that slides into position, covering the end of the ugly shifter spline. A classy addition to both stock and forward controls.

  • Note: Use on FLST or FLT models also requires use of Küryakyn Heel Shift Eliminator, SOLD SEPARATELY.
  • Fits: Softail, Dyna, FLT, FXR and Küryakyn Forward Controls for Big Twins.
  • Price
    Girder Shift Lever1025KUR $76.95

    Heel Shift Lever Eliminator

    Kuryakyn Heel Shift Lever Eliminator

    Many riders find the heel-toe shifter set-up is unnecessary and makes it difficult to find a comfortable position on the footboard. These premium quality accessories quickly and easily allow you to remove the heel shift lever on Dressers, Road Kings, or any FLST model. Unique design keeps the shift shaft in perfect alignment to avoid premature shaft wear, a problem common to similar products. The Delrin® lining eliminates rattles and keeps your bike shifting as smoothly as ever.

    Each1031KUR $26.95
    Each Fits all '80-Up Dressers and Road Kings and all '86-'06 FLST models.
    Each1045KUR $29.95
    For ’80-’07 Dressers, Road Kings, Road Glide, Street Glide
    Each1046KUR $29.95
    For '86-'07 FLST Models

    Kickstands and Components

    Kuryakyn Kickstands and Components

    Kuryakyn is offering these chrome plated O.E.M. style kickstand components for late model Big Twins.

    Kickstand Springs (ea)7110KUR $12.00
    Fits: ’85-’06 Softail, all ’91-’06 Dressers and Road Kings, ’91-’94 FXR, and all ’91-’06 Sportster.
    Kickstand Stop (ea)7111KUR $12.00
    Fits: All 4-speed Big Twin thru ’86, all ’84-’06 Softail, and ’80-’06 Dresser and Road King
    Kickstand Bumper (ea)7114KUR $12.00
    Fits: All '83-'06 Dressers and Road Kings
    Kickstand Softails (ea)7112KUR $39.95
    Fits: All ’89-’06 Softail Models
    Kickstand Dressers (ea)7113KUR $44.95
    All ’83-’06 Dressers and Road Kings
  • (Note: Requires motorcycle be equipped with frame mounted rubber bumper, P/N 7114KUR, sold separately)
  • Rear Master Cylinder Cover

    Kuryakyn Rear Master Cylinder Cover

    Banish the plain black stock assembly with this awesome one-piece, die-cast chrome cover. It fits over the stock lid so there is no chance of annoying leaks.

    Sportster9127KUR $39.95
    Fits: ’84-'03 XL's