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Antenna Mount Flag

Kuryakyn Antenna Mount Flag

Secure this American flag to your bike’s antenna quickly and easily. Includes both American Flag and a plain, customizable white flag to help you stand out at the next rally. (Flags measure 6" x 8".)

Antenna Mount Flag4217KUR $21.95

Dragon Wing Variable Air Deflectors

Kuryakyn Dragon Wing Variable Air Deflectors

An easy replacement for the stock wind deflectors found on Ultra Classics or the perfect upgrade for the rest of the FLHT family. Large surface area helps to direct airflow better than other designs. Close the wing vane to guide airflow around the fairing for reduced turbulence during cool weather or open them for a refreshing breeze on those scorching hot days. Adjust to any of four different positions by hand via a spring-loaded mechanism. Shatter resistant polycarbonate construction.

Replacement Thumb Tabs (pr)1119KUR $15.95
Dark Smoke Air Deflectors (pr)1108KUR $99.99
Smoke Air Deflectors (pr)1117KUR $119.95

eCaddy Deluxe

Kuryakyn eCaddy Deluxe

The e-Caddy Deluxe allows you to easily mount GPS units or satellite radios on the handlebars. It consists of a 2-piece mounting clamp or control bracket and a mounting plate that accepts cradles with the standard 4-hole AMPS pattern. Leader’s patented multi-faceted lug allows you to mount the e-Caddy Deluxe almost anywhere on the handlebar and still keep the electronic device upright. The UltraSecure feature ensures the lug cannot slide out of the clamp.

H-D Controls3676KUR $58.95
1" Bars (ea)3677KUR $58.95
1-1/4" Bars (ea)3678KUR $58.95

eCaddy Lite by Leader

Kuryakyn eCaddy Lite by Leader

The eCaddy Lite is a 2-piece kit that mounts on the handlebars of cruisers and allows you to attach almost any device with a belt clip. It consists of Leader's patented mounting bracket and electronics holding plate. The faceted lug allows you to mount the eCaddy Lite most anywhere on your handlebar and still keep your electronic device upright. Safe, secure, and convenient, the eCaddy Lite is a great solution.

'82-'07 H-D Controls (ea)3674KUR $58.95
1" Bars (ea)3680KUR $58.95
1-1/4" Bars (ea)3681KUR $58.95

Flags with Mounts

Kuryakyn Flags with Mounts

From Fine Art Transformations Fly your flag without worrying it will fly off your bike and away. Machined from aluminum, the sturdy mount is easy to install. A single bolt tightens the two clamp halves around the chrome Saddle Bag Guard that comes standard on the FLHTC and FLHTCU. The flag mount is also compatible with Road King, Road Glide and FLHT standard if H-D’s chrome Saddle Bag Guard kit is installed. All Flags are 9" x 14".Includes 12" and 18" Staff, American, P.O.W. and Crossbones Flags.

American Flag with 12" Staff Mount4208KUR $80.95

License Plate Mounted Flag

Kuryakyn License Plate Mounted Flag

Show your American pride and add this American flag to the license plate of almost any motorcycle. The mount bracket and support plate bolt in behind the license plate quickly and easily. The angle of the 14" staff can be adjusted without tools. Includes a 4" x 6" American flag (not shown).

Universal application. Be sure motorcycle's license plate mount is sturdy enough to support force applied by flag at speed. Required clearances shown on image.

License Plate Mounted Flag (ea)4249KUR $93.99

Roadrunner™ Drink Holder

Kuryakyn Roadrunner™ Drink Holder

This unique, top-of-the-line drink holder mounts on the handlebar of most cruisers. Secure the two-piece billet clamp to the handlebar and slide the cup holder ring in place. The patented multi-faceted lug on the ring makes it possible to position the cup vertically no matter the angle of the bars. Includes 16-ounce stainless cup.

'82-'07 H-D Controls (ea)3672KUR $71.95
1-1/4" Bars (ea)3686KUR $71.95
1" Bars (ea)3687KUR $71.95

Saddle Sheilds for H-D Touring

Kuryakyn Saddle Sheilds for H-D Touring

Ever sit in stop-and-go traffic at that 4-way stoplight that never seems to change on a hot summers day and the heat coming off your motor is just about unbareable? Well we have the solution with our frame mounted polycarbonate shields that are perfectly positioned on the frame to dissipate and re-direct the heat away from you and your thighs. On your next hot weather outing, let our Saddle Shields help you enjoy your ride no matter how hot!

  • Fits:'97-'07 Dressers and road Kings
  • Price
    Clear Saddle Shields (pr)1107KUR $53.95
    Smoke Saddle Shields (pr)1118KUR $55.95

    Saddle Shields for Softail

    Kuryakyn Saddle Shields for Softail

    Any of us that ride a Twin Cam Harley in warm weather know just ow hot and uncomfortable the heat off the rear cylinder can get. These will cure that in a hurry. Contoured polycarbonate panels fit clearly between you and the engine and do an amazingly effective job of keeping the heat off your legs.

  • Fits: All '00-'08 Softail Models (ex. Deuce)
  • Price
    Smoke Saddle Shield (pr)1186KUR $62.95

    Seat Release

    Kuryakyn Seat Release

    Take the hassle out of removing your seat. A smooth chrome cap dresses up the seat mounting tang and a knurled chrome knob holds everything in place. No tools required. Combo kit includes tank cover and both 1/4"-20 and 1/4"-28 threaded knobs. Works well on almost all bikes and seats. Installation on '99-newer bikes requires removal of stock captured thumb screw.

    1/4"-20 Knurled Knob only (ea)9038KUR $15.95
    Seat Screw and Beauty Cap Combo9035KUR $24.95

    Speed Tab

    Kuryakyn Speed Tab

    Our new spring-loaded seat release latch makes changing your seat or accessing the components under the seat a snap. A spring-loaded latch nestles in a smoothly shaped housing that covers the seat’s mounting tab. Installation is easy and requires no modifications to the fender or seat. Special mounting screw is 1/4”-20 thread (included).

    Speed Tab Seat Latch9037KUR $24.95

    Universal Drink Holder for 1" Handlebars

    Kuryakyn Universal Drink Holder for 1" Handlebars

    Bring your beverage with you on those hot or cold days! Mount your drink holder either on your 1” handlebars or your clutch or brake perch mounts. The quick detach thumb screw mount leaves a simple clamp when not in use and allows your beverage to swivel when needed. For 1” handlebars choose either the Universal Basket Holder or Stainless Mug with Mounting Ring to hold your beverage.

    Replacement Basket (ea)1429KUR $24.95
    w/Basket (ea)1422KUR $59.99
    w/Stainless Mug (ea)1464KUR $59.99

    Universal Handlebar Accessory Mount

    Kuryakyn Universal Handlebar Accessory Mount

    Attach your cell phone, mp3 player and almost any portable device directly to your handlebars using this mount. The quick detach mounting plate leaves a simple clamp when it is not in use.

  • Drilled with Standard 4-Hole AMPS pattern
  • Includes Hood and Loop Straps
  • Accepts most belt clips
  • Price
    Accessory Mount (ea)1421KUR $58.95