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Dash Panel Insert for Road King

Kuryakyn Dash Panel Insert for Road King

This sculpted, die-cast chrome dash panel insert is a huge improvement over the generic, rough cast finish dash Road Kings come with. Beveled openings for indicator lights and the ignition switch evoke a recessed “frenched in” look. Using only two fasteners, you can make the leap from ho-hum to WOW in minutes!


  • All '94-'07 Road King models (ex. '04-'07 FLHRS) Note: Not compatible with LCD/L.E.D. Speedometer, P/N 390KUR.
  • Price
    Panel Insert1520KUR $107.95

    Dash Panel Insert for Softail & Dyna Wide Glide

    Kuryakyn Dash Panel Insert for Softail & Dyna Wide Glide

    A simple custom cover that makes a huge difference.


  • '00-'07 Softail (ex. '00-'07 Deuce
  • '07 FLSTF
  • '07-'08 FXSTSSE
  • '08 Rocker/Rocker C)
  • '93-'03 FXDWG
  • Price
    Panel Insert (ea)1522KUR $80.95

    Dash Trim for Road King®

    Kuryakyn Dash Trim for Road King®

    A little trim goes a long way. Place this three-dimensional trim plate at the bottom of the Road King dash for a sleeker, more finished look. Easily installed in only minutes.


  • '04-'07 Road Kings, (ex. '04-'07 FLHRS)
  • Price
    Dash Trim 1518KUR $24.95

    Flush Mount Gas Caps

    Kuryakyn Flush Mount Gas Caps

    Stock gas caps do a good job of keeping gas in the tank, but as far as style goes, they look like refugees from Grandpa's Buick. These slick flush mount gas caps have the high-tech look of aviation-style fuel fillers. The built in trim ring protects the painted surface around the filler opening from dings and gas stains. A keyed entry system permits their ultra thin profile and prevents tampering.

    Vented and non-vented versions available to fit all screw type H-D tanks from '82-'07. Installation does not require cutting.

    Replacement Key (ea)8311KUR $12.00
    Vented R.H. Thread (ea)8309KUR $47.95
    Non-Vented L.H. Thread (ea)8310KUR $47.95

    Fork Lock Cover for Road King

    Kuryakyn Fork Lock Cover for Road King

    Protection and beauty to keep debris from getting into your Road King's fork lock mechanism at an affordable price.

  • Note: It may be necessary to modify key slightly to operate lock mechanism.
  • Price
    Fork Lock Cover (ea)1513KUR $39.95
  • All '94-'07 Road King Models
  • Fuel Line Fitting Cover

    Kuryakyn Fuel Line Fitting Cover

    Cover up the plumbing on your fuel injected bike with this two-piece streamlined beauty.


  • '01-'07 fuel injected Softails
  • '02-'07 fuel injected Dressers and Road Kings
  • '04-'07 fuel injected Dyans
  • '07fuel injected Sporsters
  • Price
    Replacement O-Rings (pr)1535KUR $12.00
    Cover (ea)1521KUR $36.95

    LCD/LED Speedo/Tach

    Kuryakyn LCD/LED Speedo/Tach

    Küryakyn is proud to unleash the coolest speedometer to ever hit the streets. This spectacular unit incorporates an LED bar tach and a high-visibility backlit LCD screen to display information. The LCD screen is heated to avoid cold weather sluggishness. Aside from its killer looks, this gauge incorporates numerous features not present in a stock speedometer:

  • Speedometer
  • Tach – numeric LCD readout plus L.E.D. string for quick reference.
  • Gear Indicator
  • Digital Clock
  • Odometer/Trip Meter
  • Ambient temperature
  • Volt Meter
  • All stock warning lights are maintained (i.e. check engine, security, etc.)

  • Fits:
  • '04-'07 Road Kings
  • '04-'07 FXDWG
  • '06 FXDI35
  • '07 FXDC
  • '04-'07 Softail (ex. Deuce)
  • Note: Not compatible with Küryakyn Dash Panel Inserts, P/N 1520KUR and 1522KUR.
  • Price
    LCD/LED Speedo/Tach (ea)390KUR $359.95

    Mirage® Instrument Visors

    Kuryakyn Mirage® Instrument Visors

    These streamlined trim rings, besides looking sharp, can also reduce glare in some situations. Easy installation using included silicone.


  • '73-'84 FX models with dual gauges.
  • DISCONTINUED Product - All Sales are Final
  • Price
    Visors (pr)103KUR $29.95

    Petcock Cover

    Kuryakyn Petcock Cover

    With its dull industrial finish, a stock gas valve is hardly a thing of beauty, but to replace it with a trick aftermarket unit could cost up to a hundred bucks. Our chrome petcock cover fits stock petcocks '81-'01. A new large hex knob provides easy operation, installation is a snap, and it costs about a third of custom replacement valves.

    Chrome (ea)2011KUR $29.95

    Speedo Trim Ring

    Kuryakyn Speedo Trim Ring

    An alternative to the Mirage visors, this trim ring is siliconed into position giving the illusion of a recessed speedometer by concealing the unfinished edge surrounding the instrument.


  • All FL style speedometers with cast dash '68-'07 (Softail, Road King, '93-'03 FXDWG, etc.)
  • Price
    Speedo Trim Ring106KUR $24.95

    Speedometer Visor

    Kuryakyn Speedometer Visor

    Easily affixes to the speedometer. Besides the sleek appearance, you'll really appreciate the reduction in glare if you run a windshield!
    *Designed by Who Did It, Inc.

    Speedo/Tach Visor (ea)4015KUR $29.95
  • Honda: '02-'06 VTX1800 C, Shadow 1100 with Round Speedo on handlebars measuring 3-3/4".
  • Victory Vegas & King Pin Universal Speedometers and tachometers 3-3/4" diameter with 7/16" of exposed bezel/sidewall.
  • Speedo/Tach Visor (ea)4016KUR $29.95
  • Speedometers and tachometers 3-1/4" diameter with 1/8" of exposed bezel/sidewall.
  • Tank Tab Trim for Sportster

    Kuryakyn Tank Tab Trim for Sportster

    Add sizzle to Sporster fuel tanks with these new show-chromed mounting tab covers. Specially designed crome fasteners blend with the tab covers to complete the installation and hold all components securely in place.


  • Stock '96-'03 XL fuel tanks
  • Price
    Tab Trim (set)1508KUR $39.95

    The Marquis Choke Knob

    Kuryakyn The Marquis Choke Knob

    Our choke knob cover installs neatly over the stock black plastic unit. Not only does it look 100% better, it is easier to find and get a hold of too.


  • All '88-'06 XL Models
  • '90-'06 Big Twin with Stock Carburetors.
  • Price
    Choke Knob (ea)2009KUR $29.95

    Visored Speedometer Bezel

    Kuryakyn Visored Speedometer Bezel

    This great looking trim ring completely covers the stock stainless steel bezel and incorporates a stylish visor.


  • All FL style speedometers with cast dash '68-'07 (Softail, Road King, '93-'03 FXDWG, etc.)
  • Price
    Ring with Visor112KUR $29.95