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M109R 2009-2010

Power Commander V M109R 2009-2010

Power Commander V20-016 $265.00

M109R 2009-2010

Dynojet Auto Tune M109R 2009-2010

Auto Tune kits are available that include Wide Band O2 sensors and control boxes. It will plug directly into the PCV and allow automatic fuel adjustments.

Auto Tune can make a map for each gear it can map each cylinder separately for each gear if needed. (basic settings would make one map for all gears)

Warm Up fuel adjustment

# Each map cell is individually adjustable so you can specify an exact AFR value for each area if needed. This allows the tuner/user to select specific AFR targets for idle, cruise, and large throttle opening areas. By doing this you can automatically tune the cruise area for best fuel economy while at the same time achieve maximum power at wide open throttle.

If Dynojet does not have the exact map for your combination of parts you simply need to choose the closest one and let the Auto Tune kit do the rest.(if you have an very heavily modified engine and/or short drag pipes verifying your settings on a dynamometer is recommended).

Dynojet Auto TuneAT-200 $205.95