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K1200S 2005-2008

Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen K1200S 2005-2008

  • Formed with a wedge-shaped bubble in the center of the windscreen, the Double Bubble was originally designed to provide superior aerodynamics for a rider tucked in behind the windscreen
  • Adds a sleek, aerodynamic look to the exciting designs of today’s new sportbikes
  • Price $118.95

    K1200S 2005-2008

    Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen K1200S 2005-2008

  • Designed to reduce the windblast on the sport touring rider and provide more comfort while in the upright riding position
  • Raise the point at which the wind hits the rider by several inches to significantly reduce the windblast
  • Made to the highest Zero Gravity standards, each Sport Touring screen is designed to enhance the look of the sportbike as well as provide better rider comfort
  • Price $128.95